We spread the entrepreneurial spirit and our startup DNA to support large corporations and institutions’ transformation

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Challenge the status quo of your company
develop people’s engagement and skills
offer an exciting corporate adventure

Training programs & methodology

to support creativity and project development and develop the startup spirit into companies and institutions

An expertise in Hackathon organization

to facilitate internal initiatives that allow to develop collaborative and innovative projects.

A network of entrepreneurs and startups

to enter the Ecosystem and have a direct access to a pool of talents and experts.


teams and projects coached


events like Hackathon organized for more than 15 industries


entrepreneurs and a mapping of 3000 startups

They have tested and approved



From the digital transformation to the entrepreneurial transformation:  we help large companies and governments to empower their people.
We want everybody to experience the life of an entrepreneur to accelerate innovation and change the way people work together.


Questions or comments? Get in touch.

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